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Golden Static Files

These are the static files of Golden theme required to browse local web pages saved on your computer. Two sample pages are included for you to test local browsing.

You can view pages using Go and Talk page builder without exporting. The exported pages are free from editors, lighter in weight, and faster in rendering. The exported files can also link to local image files properly.

How to Use The Static Files for Local Presentation

  • download the zip file, and unzip to your hard disk.
  • the unzipped folder is the root folder of your project, and it should have the following subfolders
  |-- js
  |-- css
  |-- images
  • you can create more subfolders to organize contents.
  • save the images you want to use for presentation under the folder images
  • when you prepare slides, select images from images folder for preview. The images are displayed for that browsing session only. They are not saved in browser database since you already have them on your local disk.
  • when the slides are done, you can select local mode and export the finished page to this folder.
  • web pages exported in local mode will include links in a format understood by filesystem.


The MIT license applies to the static files in css/js/images folders.

Go and Talk page builder and the Golden theme are released under separate licenses.

Some components of Font Awesome are included in the js folder, with its own license statement in that folder.

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