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A Simple and Easy Page Builder to

Build a Website

quickly. browse and edit. ready to present.

A web design tool for busy people, to

Build a Website and Talk About Big Ideas


Copy and mix from ready made blocks. Get what you see. Quickly.


Edit right in the browser on the go. Mobile friendly.


Export data or finished page. Import data back.


Press one button to turn blocks into slides, and present full screen.
Have more time on important stuff.

Let Thoughts Flow


Mix Existing Blocks

Composable Marketing Pages

  • Generate marketing pages quickly.
  • Keep what you want, delete the rest.
  • Clone blocks with prefilled data.
  • Share global blocks with other pages.
  • Add or remove columns in the browser.
  • Customize to your needs, with endless combinations.
  • Automatic floating to left or right for alternate layout on large screens, such as this block.

Edit Text and Image Layer

Lightweight Editor in Browser

  • No download or setup required.
  • Toggle to edit page in browser.
  • Turn blocks into interactive applications.
  • Preview as you make changes, instantly.
  • Place image beside or under text.
  • Slide to adjust image position.
  • Lightweight, optimized for mobile devices.
  • Freely resize and position text over image.
  • Save work-in-progress data locally.

Export to Multiple Formats

Local and Server Side Rendering

  • Export and import different data formats (JSON, YAML, TOML)
  • Export finished pages for local presentation.
  • Export finished pages for hosting.
  • Custom block template
  • Custom export template
  • Custom styles
  • Support server side rendering.

Talk From Marketing Page

Fullscreen Slides

  • Quickly edit slides for a talk.
  • Keep it local, or publish online.
  • Present right from the web page.
  • View in fullscreen mode.
  • Works with and without the editor.
  • Exit slide mode and scroll as normal web page.

Web Publishing Made Easy


Compose marketing pages, right in the browser.


For beginners and professionals. No coding required.


Reuse blocks. Save development time. Build stylish websites quickly.

Use Case - Develop Creative Agency's Internal Tool

Speed Up Site Development

  • Turn website templates into applications.
  • Create more, code less.
  • Reuse common building blocks.
  • Manage a library of partials.
  • Pick partials to create new websites, without touching page templates.
  • Shorten development time.

Use Case - Develop Premium Products

New Source of Revenue and Leads

  • Distribute templates with page builder.
  • Change content file to add or remove sections.
  • Empower website owners to manage marketing pages without touching page template.
  • Generate pages with editor for further editing.
  • Publish pages without editor for general public.
  • Create stylish marketing pages.
  • Visual page builder. Get what you see.
  • Beginner friendly. No coding required.
  • Potential new markets and leads.

Use Case - Local Editor

Keep Information Local

  • Prepare slides for internal talks.
  • Change color scheme with a few clicks
  • Use images on local disk without uploading.
  • Place image beside or under text with various combinations.
  • Save work-in-progress data in your browser.
  • Export finished page to local disk.
  • Present from self-contained package without network.

What People Say About It

Love It

I know code and web technology. I have used a few page builders and editors. Go and Talk has helped me to create and format content at a speed I could never achieve with other tools, without touching code again. That’s why we have built this tool, for designers and content creators. I love it, and I believe you will find it helpful too.
Fullstack developer, lead developer of Go and Talk


Chief Creative Officer


Innovation by nature.

Chief Fun Officer


Serious about fun.

Chief Talk Officer


A born speaker.

Build a Website Ready to Present

Go and Talk is a lightweight web design tool running in the browser. It empowers designers and marketers to create presentable pages quickly without coding. It is tailored to run on mobile devices such as tablets. The generated pages are responsive, slim, and optimized for search engines.

Go and Talk can manage multiple sites and pages, and share data among sites and pages. It loads data from local and remote sources, and lists remote images for selection.

This page itself has been built with Go and Talk blocks. Each section has options to customize. Play around, or follow a tutorial to MEET and SEE the features for yourself.

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