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Golden Idea

Golden Idea theme is a responsive theme to build a website quickly and talk about your ideas. This theme is used for the documentation site of Go and Talk page builder. It is also the base of other themes.

This theme demonstrates the following features:

  • fullscreen slide show. It allows users to navigate sections with left and right arrow keys and view the page as slides when enabled.
  • fullscreen cover
  • selecting from prebuilt animation, or customizing image animation
  • collection of image thumbnails

Website Repository


How to Use This Theme

Hosting With Github Pages

  • create an organization
  • fork repository to this organization, and rename repository to [orgname].github.io

Hosting With Gitlab Pages

  • create a public group
  • fork repository to this group, and rename repository to [groupname].gitlab.io
  • run a default pipeline to publish to Gitlab Pages

Custom Hosting

  • download as a compressed file
  • upload to your web server and uncompress

Customize Website with Page Builder

  • navigate to a page, click on edit link at the bottom of the page to open page builder
  • edit in the browser, add or remove sections as required
  • save webpage to website repository or custom web server to publish
  • refer to demos or tutorials for details of using the page builder
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