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update once, populate everywhere

Global Data

and global sections

At Top and Left

Hiding Toolbars During Preview or Editing

Global Toolbar

  • At the left side of the screen.
  • Manage global settings.
  • Apply to the current page, or all pages.
  • Hide all section tools.
  • Hide itself.

Section Toolbar

  • At the top of each section.
  • Manage current section.
  • Apply to current section.
  • Turn app on and off.
  • Toggle edit mode.
  • Toggle global toolbar.

Context Toolbar

  • Available in some sections.
  • Toggle button to switch toolbars.
  • Toggle on to edit.
  • Toggle off when done.
Hover or tap to show the toolbars.

Toggle On Demand

The State of Section Application


  • The Application is currently off.
  • Click this button to turn it on.
  • Not available for apps that are always on.


  • The application is on.
  • Click this button to turn if off.
  • Not available for apps that are always on.

Buttons and States

Buttons Available When the Section App is On


  • The app is in standby mode.
  • Click on this button to switch to editing mode.
  • The section works like a normal web page.
  • Click on a link will take you to a new resource.


  • The app is in editing mode.
  • Click on this button to exit editing.
  • Click on text or image to start editing.
  • The section will behave differently.
  • Click on a link will bring up an editor.


  • Click this button to save the current PAGE.
  • Click on “Save” button on any section will save the whole page.
  • This button works in standby and editing mode.


  • Toggles more options of the current section.
  • This button works in standby and editing mode.

Global in Scope, not in Location

Global Data On Your Local Disk

  • global data applies to all pages
  • typical use case - menu items
  • edit on any page
  • populate sitewide

Global Section on Pages

  • section can be rendered anywhere on the page, optionally
  • typical use case - call to action
  • position information saved on page
  • data saved on site

Page and Site Data

Page Data

  • data related to current page only
  • page title and description
  • body text
  • local sections
  • header background, primary colors etc

There can be multiple pages in one site or project.

Site Data

  • data related to the whole site or project
  • site title and description
  • menu items
  • default primary colors
  • global sections

There can be multiple sites or projects. Each site has its own database.


Update a Global Menu Item

  • this exercise requires a screen wider than 960px, for example a laptop or desktop computer. The menu item is not visible on small screens.
  • go to the top of the page, and find the toolbar of the cover section.
  • click on Edit button on the toolbar to switch to editing mode.
  • add an item to the menu, provide a name and dummy URL, for example “#”
  • click Save button on the section toolbar.
  • open another tutorial in another tab, and look for the menu item you have just added.
  • now on this page, click on “Editing” button to switch off editing mode.

Same Look, Different Behaviour

Global Section


  • insert the name of section template and position of the section to the page data
  • global section data is loaded from site


  • clone the name of the section template only
  • the data is loaded from site


  • delete the section position from the page
  • data remains on the site
  • global section data can be replaced with a new section by the same key


Using a Global Section

  • go to the previous section with the title “Global Section”.
  • find the section toolbar at the top edge of the section.
  • click on the toggle button to turn on the app
  • click on Edit button on the toolbar to switch to editing mode.
  • Change the section title to something you can easily recognize.
  • click on the cog icon on the section toolbar to show the section settings window.
  • go to “Global Section” tab and tick the checkbox to enable it as global section.
  • Fill in a data storage key you can easily recognize. You can get a list of existing keys by clicking on the dropdown button. Make sure to use a new key to avoid overriding data.
  • click the Save button to save the changes.
  • open another tutorial in another tab of your browser.
  • click on the plus icon on any section toolbar to bring up a window for inserting new section.
  • leave “Select Section Template ” as blank. Clear this field if it has any value.
  • in the “Use Data From Global Section” field, click on the dropdown button, and look for the global section you have created.
  • click on the “Insert” button to confirm the operation.
  • you should be able to see the global section inserted to that tutorial page, with data you have saved.

What People Say About It

Simply Amazing!

I created stunning landing pages with Go and Talk, without writing any code. This is simply amazing!
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Make a Difference with Innovation

Using Global Data and Global Section

Global data is shared by pages of the same project. Each page can have its look and feel, with the same data, such as menu items.

Global section is a section with complete data and settings, such as a site wide call to action section. It can be inserted anywhere on a page, and rendered with the same data. This feature can be used to keep a bunch of commonly used blocks as global, and inserted on demand when you create new pages. Just be aware it is global. If you update it on one page, the changes will apply to all pages with the same global section.

If you have completed all the exercises in this tutorial, you should have made the following achievements:

  • know where to find section toolbar and global toolbar.
  • understand the global data and global section.
  • make use of global sections to create a new page quickly.

Well done. You will acquire new skills and explore new features in other tutorials. Stay tuned.

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