Exit slides and browse as normal page.

present from web page


with confidence

At Top and Left

Hiding Toolbars During Preview or Editing

Global Toolbar

  • At the left side of the screen.
  • Manage global settings.
  • Apply to the current page, or all pages.
  • Hide all section tools.
  • Hide itself.

Section Toolbar

  • At the top of each section.
  • Manage current section.
  • Apply to current section.
  • Turn app on and off.
  • Toggle edit mode.
  • Toggle global toolbar.

Context Toolbar

  • Available in some sections.
  • Toggle button to switch toolbars.
  • Toggle on to edit.
  • Toggle off when done.
Hover or tap to show the toolbars.

Start, Stop and Exit Presentation on Demand

Start and Exit Presentation Mode

Play Slides Button

  • Available on cover, custom label text.
  • Click to start presentation
  • Click to exit during presentation and view as normal web page

T Deck Icon

  • Available on cover
  • Click to start presentation
  • Click to exit during presentation

Vertical Arrows Button

  • Available on global toolbar
  • Hover or tap to show global toolbar
  • Click to exit presentation

Balloon Icon

  • Available on last slide only during presentation
  • Requires Font Awesome
  • Click to exit presentation

Key Controls during Presentation

Left Arrow Key

  • Available on computers with a real keyboard
  • Click to go back to previous slide.

Right Arrow Key

  • Available on computers with a real keyboard
  • Click to go to next slide.

Letter f Key

  • Available on computers with a real keyboard
  • Click to toggle fullscreen mode

Zooming Presentation

Visual Navigation

  • Hover on the bottom side of the screen to show slide numbers.
  • Click on slide number to show mini slides.
  • Click on a mini slide to jump to that slide.
  • Can navigate to another section in a long document instead of normal scrolling


Clone and Move a Section

  • Find the section toolbar at the top of a section. You may need to tap on the top side of a section to show it.
  • Clone a section.
  • Move a section up and down.
  • Delete the cloned section.

What People Say About It

Simply Amazing!

I created stunning landing pages with Go and Talk, without writing any code. This is simply amazing!
Web Designer

Creating More With Less

Presenting From Marketing Page

Presentable pages generated by Go and Talk page builder are more than good looking. They are functional too. You can click a button to turn the page into slides, and start a great conversation there.

If you have completed all the exercises in this tutorial, you should have made the following achievements:

  • know where to find section toolbar and global toolbar.
  • know how to start a presentation.
  • know how to enter and exit fullscreen mode.
  • know how to exit presentation mode.
  • export page data for backup.

Well done. You will acquire new skills and explore new features in other tutorials. Stay tuned.

About Go and Talk Page Builders

Go and Talk page builder is a lightweight web design tool running in the browser. It empowers designers and marketers to create presentable pages quickly without coding. It is optimized for running on mobile devices such as tablets. The generated web pages are responsive, lightweight and optimized for search engines.

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