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Adding new


and column

At Top and Left

Hiding Toolbars During Preview or Editing

Global Toolbar

  • At the left side of the screen.
  • Manage global settings.
  • Apply to the current page, or all pages.
  • Hide all section tools.
  • Hide itself.

Section Toolbar

  • At the top of each section.
  • Manage current section.
  • Apply to current section.
  • Turn app on and off.
  • Toggle edit mode.
  • Toggle global toolbar.

Context Toolbar

  • Available in some sections.
  • Toggle button to switch toolbars.
  • Toggle on to edit.
  • Toggle off when done.
Hover or tap to show the toolbars.

Toggle On Demand

The State of Section Application


  • The Application is currently off.
  • Click this button to turn it on.
  • Not available for apps that are always on.


  • The application is on.
  • Click this button to turn if off.
  • Not available for apps that are always on.

Buttons and States

Buttons Available When the Section App is On


  • The app is in standby mode.
  • Click on this button to switch to editing mode.
  • The section works like a normal web page.
  • Click on a link will take you to a new resource.


  • The app is in editing mode.
  • Click on this button to exit editing.
  • Click on text or image to start editing.
  • The section will behave differently.
  • Click on a link will bring up an editor.


  • Click this button to save the current PAGE.
  • Click on “Save” button on any section will save the whole page.
  • This button works in standby and editing mode.


  • Toggles more options of the current section.
  • This button works in standby and editing mode.

Ways to Add Sections

Clone a Section

  • replicate section data and setting
  • move it to the place you want
  • change content and customize quickly
  • follow Copying and Mixing Readymade Blocks to learn more on basic operations.

Insert a Global Section

  • share the same data on different pages, for example a site wide call to action section.
  • make changes on one of the pages, and populate the changes on all pages

Adding New Section

  • select from a list of section template
  • minimum placeholder data
  • you can add a section after any section by clicking on the plus icon on that section.
  • the app of the newly added section is turned off by default, if you already have more than 10 apps including cover and footer.
  • you need to turn on the app and switch to editing mode to make changes.

Naming Convention of Section Template


  • The first section with navigation links, and button to trigger presentation mode.
  • A template by the name “default” has navigation links only.


  • The optional content block for the page body text
  • It loads the same text from the page body.
  • it is not necessary to have more than one content block for body text.


  • Footer with navigation links and copyright statement.
  • A global footer is available for centralized customization.


  • sections to be added anywhere between cover and footer.
  • multiple layout options
  • collection section can have any number of items. This section for example is a collection.
  • alternate sections have two columns. The image or icon floats to left or right for alternate effect.


Insert a New Section From Template

  • in this exercise we will insert a new section below this section. It involves scrolling up to this section for instructions, and operate on the new section.
  • find the toolbar of this section, and click on the plus icon. You should see a popup window with dropdown lists.
  • click on the dropdown icon for the list labelled “Select Blank Template”, and choose a template. The window will scroll to the new section added.
  • Click on the toggle icon to turn on the app for the new section.
  • Click on Edit button on the toolbar of the new section to switch to editing mode.
  • You may see different toolbars or options depending on which section template you have chosen.
  • Click around, make some changes, and optionally save the changes.
  • Click on Editing button to switch off editing mode and preview your new section.
  • Optionally delete the section and try a new section.

Exercise for Collection

Adding, Ordering and Deleting Columns


  • find the toolbar of this section.
  • click on the toggle icon to turn the section app on.
  • click on Edit button to switch to editing mode.

Add and Reorder

  • click on the green plus button to add a new column
  • hover on the new section to show a small toolbar at the top
  • drag the bar icon to change the order


  • hover on a new column to show a mini toolbar
  • click on the trash icon to delete the column
  • click Undo to cancel, or OK button to confirm deleting.


  • click on the cog settings icon on the section toolbar
  • go to Layout tab, and change the number of columns allowed per row.
  • change the resizing and position options and see the new layout.

What People Say About It

Simply Amazing!

I created stunning landing pages with Go and Talk, without writing any code. This is simply amazing!
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Creating More With Less

Inserting New Sections or Columns

This tutorial provides step to step guide on how to insert new sections and columns.

If you have completed all the exercises in this tutorial, you should have made the following achievements and know the following:

  • where to find section toolbar and global toolbar.
  • how to turn on a section app
  • how to switch editing mode on an off
  • how to insert new sections from a template
  • how to add, reorder, delete columns in a collection.

Well done. You will acquire new skills and explore new features in other tutorials. Stay tuned.

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