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using Custom

Export Template

to publish webpage

Target Audience of This Tutorial

  • designers and developers, and advanced users
  • some knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • access to developer console on the browser for debugging

Use Cases of Custom Export Template

  • remove unwanted libraries included by default
  • load custom CSS and JavaScript libraries
  • customize meta tags and footer scripts
  • integrate with existing websites

Template Engine - doT

Creating a Custom Export Template

  • hover on the left edge of the screen to show vertical toolbar
  • click on globe icon to show site settings window
  • go to “New Export Template” tab, type a unique name for the new export template, and paste your export template in the text area labelled “Template”.
  • click “Save New Template” button to save it
  • you can click on the code icon to load the default export template, and use it as a base for customization.
  • the export template is saved with site settings, and is available for further editing in “Edit Export Template” tab.

Using a Custom Export Template

  • hover on the left edge of the screen to show vertical toolbar
  • click on file icon to show page settings window
  • click on grid icon to show extra tabs
  • go to “Export Webpage” tab, and select a custom template before exporting
  • to export a webpage using the default template, clear the “Custom Template” field and click in the input cell for the changes to take effect.


  • JavaScript included in the custom export template WILL be executed when the exported page is loaded
  • It is the user’s responsibility to use common sense in selecting what to include in the custom export template

What People Say About It

Love It

I know code and web technology. I have used a few page builders and editors. Go and Talk has helped me to create and format content at a speed I could never achieve with other tools, without touching code again. That’s why we have built this tool, for designers and content creators. I love it, and I believe you will find it helpful too.
Fullstack developer, lead developer of Go and Talk

Using Custom Export Template

Go and Talk page builder uses a template engine called doT to render sections upon page loading, and to export a webpage when done. Custom delimiters and variables are used for doT to generate a slim web page without the burden of editor.

Go and Talk page builder supports custom export template for designers and developers to load libraries selectively, or to customize meta tags and scripts on the exported webpage. This allows designers and developers to customize everything in the final output.

About Go and Talk Page Builders

Go and Talk page builder is a lightweight web design tool running in the browser. It empowers designers and marketers to create presentable pages quickly without coding. It is optimized for running on mobile devices such as tablets. The generated web pages are responsive, lightweight and optimized for search engines.

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