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At Top and Left

Hiding Toolbars During Preview or Editing

Global Toolbar

  • At the left side of the screen.
  • Manage global settings.
  • Apply to the current page, or all pages.
  • Hide all section tools.
  • Hide itself.

Section Toolbar

  • At the top of each section.
  • Manage current section.
  • Apply to current section.
  • Turn app on and off.
  • Toggle edit mode.
  • Toggle global toolbar.

Context Toolbar

  • Available in some sections.
  • Toggle button to switch toolbars.
  • Toggle on to edit.
  • Toggle off when done.
Hover or tap to show the toolbars.

Where to Put

Call to Action

Next to Message

  • convince with your most compelling message
  • link to action relevant to the message
  • convenience for users
  • clarity on what to expect after clicking the button


Customize Button

  • hide global toolbar to make room for this exercise.
  • find the toolbar of this section, and click on the toggle icon to turn the app on.
  • click on Edit button to switch to edit mode. You should see some buttons at the top of the page.
  • find the handshake button, click on it to disable call to action button. Click on the handshake button again to enable call to action button.
  • When enabled, the handshake button should have an outline around it. and you should be able to see a big block button at the bottom of this section.
  • click on the button to edit URL and text message.
  • click on the palette icon below the cta button to display more formatting options. Change the values to see how your changes affect the look of the button.
  • click on Editing button to switch off editing mode.

What People Say About It

Simply Amazing!

I created stunning landing pages with Go and Talk, without writing any code. This is simply amazing!
Web Designer

Creating More With Less

Customizing Call to Action Button

This tutorial provides step to step guide on how to customize call to action button.

If you have completed all the exercises in this tutorial, you should have made the following achievements:

  • know where to find section toolbar and global toolbar.
  • know how to enable and disable cta button for a section.
  • know how to change the look of the button.

Well done. You will acquire new skills and explore new features in other tutorials. Stay tuned.

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