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An Overview of Go and Talk Page Builder

Go and Talk page builder is a part of a simple and easy web publishing solution for small organizations. This article will briefly introduce this simple and easy web publishing process, and the key features of Go and Talk page builder. Other tutorials give step-by-step guide on how to build and customize your website. Each tutorial has a companion demo page for practice.

Target Audience - Small Organizations

Small organizations refer to organizations and sole traders who do not have an in-house developer team. These organizations could be a successful businesses with significant turnover, or not-for-profit organizations.

Go and Talk page builder is developed with absolute beginners in mind. If you have never built a website before, relax. It is being used by people just like you. A prebuilt website template will help you to get up and running quickly.

Go and Talk page builder is fully customizable. Advanced users can use it to coordinate and communicate with other applications, and achieve much more.

Website and Webpage

A website is a collection of webpages on a remote computer. Each webpage is a file containing code with rendering instructions for browsers. When people visit a webpage, browsers download the file and associated resources, and display the webpage on viewers’ machine.

Simple and Easy Web Publishing Process

The easiest way to start a new website is to copy from a prebuilt demo website similar to your industry. The themes section lists demo websites available. We will constantly develop new themes and add to this section once done.

Each demo website is in a separate folder (the folder is called a repository on Github and Gitlab). If you have an account on Github or Gitlab, you can copy the whole folder to your account with a few clicks. If you use another hosting provider, you can download the prebuilt demo website as a compressed file, upload to your web space and uncompress there.

How Does Go and Talk Page Builder Work

Editing webpage code is tedious and error-prone. Go and Talk page builder does the job for you so you don’t have to know or edit code.

Go and Talk page builder is an application running in the browser. It starts to work when you browse an editable page. No installation is required. It runs in a modern full-featured browser on desktop computers, tablets and smart phones.

Go and Talk page builder generates prebuilt commonly used code blocks, displays in the browser, and remembers your choices while you type and select from available formatting options. You can change layout and edit anything on the page, from menu items to footer links. When a webpage is done, you can save the webpage and upload to the remote computer for others to see. Our step-by-step guide will show you how to do this.

Go and Talk page builder stores data in your browser. It starts to run when you browse a page. It looks for site id and document id from the navigation address, and uses the default ids if you are browsing a page for the first time. It then looks for data in your browser and displays the page using your data. If no data is found, it displays the default content.

Go and Talk page builder generates webpages ready for download and viewing. It does not need a database on the server.

The webpages built this way are for information only but not for interaction or transaction. If you need reader interaction, you can publish a link to your social media profile to continue conversation there.

Features of Go and Talk Page Builder

Sections and Columns

A webpage consists of sections, including header, content, footer, and arbitrary number of sections in between.

Each section has a separate builtin editor. The editors of header, content and footer sections are always on. If there are more than 10 sections on the page, the editors on other sections are off by default.

Each section has a toolbar at the top of the section. You can turn on the editor, switch between edit mode and preview mode, and turn off the editor when done.

Sections and columns can be added, deleted, cloned, and moved around. When you add a section, you can choose from prebuilt code blocks, or your custom section templates.

Website and Webpage Settings

You can change how a website or webpage looks by changing the site setting or page setting. The buttons to toggle the site setting or page setting window are located on the global toolbar at the left side of the screen.

You can hide and show global toolbar by clicking a toggle button on any of the section toolbars. Likewise you can hide and show section toolbars by clicking on the toggle button on global toolbar.

Media Library and Content Files

Go and Talk page builder integrates with Github and Gitlab for media library and content files storage. You can preview and select images uploaded to Github or Gitlab, export page data and backup there, and load it for further editing.

Github and Gitlab provides structured data about the files stored with them. The structured data is the basis of media library integration. You may open a free account and develop your website there, even if you will host your website somewhere else. Please review their terms and conditions and be aware of restrictions.

Migrating a website is easily done by downloading a compressed file from Github/Gitlab, uploading to your hosting provider, and uncompressing to webpages.

Global Data and Global Sections

Go and Talk page builder supports global data (such as menu items) and global sections shared among pages on a website. You can update global data and global sections on any page, and the changes will apply when you edit a new page.

The changes do not apply to pages built before. You can export and upload pages again to apply the global changes.

Data Export, Import and Backup

Go and Talk page builder can export data for backup and further editing. It supports export and import data in toml, yaml and json formats.

When your website grows in size, the data exported from Go and Talk page builder can be batch processed by Go and Talk premium Hugo theme.

Exporting Webpage for Local Viewing

You can export a webpage for local viewing by choosing “local” for link format when you export a page. Webpages exported this way can be stored and viewed on your computer, without a web server.

Viewing Webpage as Slides

Go and Talk page builder supports the option of viewing a page as slides. This can be handy when you talk about something and use the webpage to remind you of the main points. Visitors to your website can also view a page as slides and navigate through slides with left and right arrow key on their keyboard.

This feature is enabled by default when you use a default fullscreen cover. You can disable it in section setting.

Custom Fonts and Styles for Advanced Users

Go and Talk page builder supports custom fonts and styles. Advanced users may define custom CSS styles, and load custom fonts or external style sheets.

Custom Section Template for Advanced Users

Go and Talk page builder supports custom section template. Custom templates are defined in site setting, and will be available in the dropdown list when you add a new section.

Custom Export Template for Advanced Users

Go and Talk page builder supports custom export template. You can define export template in site setting, and choose which template to use when you export a page.

Any JavaScript code in custom export template WILL be executed when the exported page is loaded. This feature is for advanced users who understand what they are doing.


Go and Talk page builder is a lightweight web designing tool running in the browser. It empowers designers and marketers to create presentable pages quickly without coding. It is tailored for running on mobile devices such as tablets. The generated web pages are responsive, slim, and optimized for search engines.

This article gives an overview of the page builder and how it works in general. If you are new to web publishing, you may follow the steps in Building a Marketing Website From A to Z to build your first website quickly.

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