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Online Showroom

Online Showroom is a responsive theme for displaying products in categories. Each page has a link to an editable version at the bottom of the page, and can be customized with Go and Talk page builder.

This theme demonstrates the following features:

  • fullscreen cover
  • responsive image, different image source for narrow screens
  • custom font and styles
  • global section - update once, use on any page
  • alternate sections, with image float to left or right automatically

Website Repository


How to Use This Theme

Hosting With Github Pages

  • create an organization
  • fork repository to this organization, and rename repository to [orgname].gitlab.io

Hosting With Gitlab Pages

  • create a public group
  • fork repository to this group, and rename repository to [groupname].gitlab.io
  • run a default pipeline to publish to Gitlab Pages

Custom Hosting

  • download as a compressed file
  • upload to your web server and uncompress

Customize Website with Page Builder

  • navigate to a page, click on edit link at the bottom of the page to open page builder
  • edit in the browser, add or remove sections as required
  • save webpage to website repository or custom web server to publish
  • refer to demos or tutorials for details of using the page builder
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